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My name is Rob Devor, I'm the director of the film "Zoo". I'm Charles Muede, I helped write the film, and research. Yeah, it was, it was an unusual film tu put together. I think ... some of one untraditionnal documentary, something with a very few talking aids which was... hu... a necessite by the fact that we was tricking to get people to appear on screen and then talk about this kind of community and subject. Here by the even I agree that an plan over there but we also had the idea of we didn't one have serve things and in any case, so ever there was untalking ___ we could use we still not used to talk in, and just say... Yeah, it was... you know, there was one of severals things we thought we had tried: mixed up some of the rules that one associate to documentaries and, and, one was together a top we had also to tried to maybe get some of the real people reacting, some of the incidence in their actual lives, so having real people acting and act, the actors involved are very kind of cover then get together sort of quiet known as zoo.

So, this is the begining of the movie, and with Charles we had the very good idea to start with a journey of one of this zoos who was and actual personn in the movie who was a couple of real people who decided to participate the character named coyote, his name is Ken, and he's a very nice young man, that I got to know a couple of months, and he was going to participate fully in the film once he got to thrust us and we just tried to keep him unidentifiable, and he began his "association" with these people in Virginia online, and we were interested in showing that journey from virginia all the way out to Washington, he was some fellows zoos blast who come out to Washington where. There was some job opportunities but also there is because Washington was bestiality or zoophilia you know, still legal at the time. And there is also a meaning of virginia which is the pointed out reality, so religious or fondamentalist companies, social, order and there was a little bit more ____ that much but ___ be more in Washington's state, particuly the area of King county where all of those zoo met , and so, this is a sort of a story ___ joining to the city, you know, even __ meltdown and going to the big city __ that's a powerful movement wherever it takes place it be an actor of going to Los Angeles or musician and jazz musician going to NewYork city in their case because this is zoo going to Seattle __ there is alittle more compat with we film the __ shorting things

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