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Animal Passions est un documentaire anglais sur la zoophilie. Vous trouverez ci-dessous la transcription en anglais du premier documentaire.


Sexual contact with animals is illegal in this country and most of the western world. This is the first film to examine a subject which many find deeply disturbing.

Friends of us tried I thought it was a girl in bikini.

In a trailer home, in the backwoods of Missouri, you find zoophiles. They are united by their love of animals. A love which is both emotional and physical.

Zoophilia is love of animals, I love my animal dearly. Sex is an option, I don’t have to have it all time, it’s something I enjoy very much, it’s something I would miss if it were gone. But it’s not a necessity, it’s not just about sex.

“No no...Not that piece of garbage…” I’ve got a male and female dog, and I got my female donkey and with my dogs, I’m as close with my two dogs as I’m with my girlfriend. I'd be just as upset to lose either of those as I would be to lose my girlfriend.

Mark, who owns the trailer, lives with Pixel. He’s partially blind. “Pixel ? Go in here” The two got married, in an unofficial ceremony, five years ago. “I love Pixel, she’s gorgeous… about beautiful little pony. She’s sweet, she’s lovely, I’m very proud of her, and, I like to be able to tell people how wonderful she is.

Be careful Cindy, you know it's Pixel's territory. I've paid the price for this life style. I have to face up to some friends that just couldn't handle it, and say ok, bet illusion friends but I understand. I’m sure that, I’ll see my children much more often than I do. They claim that they're ok [...] I don't think they are but but they don't want to talk about it. 'Don't like to be reminded about too much. They understand it’s a part of me.

What Mark and his friend do is illegal in two thirds of America. They've chosen to live here, in Missouri because it’s not against the law [lore ?] in this state.

Zoophilia. Zoophilia is one of the forty-odd of paraphilias. Para means beyond the usual. And philia means love. These conditions used to be called the perversions, and on the street they're called kinky sex.

Zoophilia is, according to the dictionary, is really love for animals. But usually people, when they talk about zoophilia, they talk about people who are in love, or have an emotional connection with their animals, and they also have sex with their animals.

In an age in which we’ve confronted so many sexual taboos, zoophilia continues to strike a deep cord of revulsion. We regard it as abusive and defiling. But our hostility does not drive zoophilia away, just underground. This film tries to understand how and why people become zoophiles and to explore the reasons, that we ridicule, and condemn them.

“Today, on Spring, well you know there's been all this controversy about all the fights but today we have a love story. A springer show exclusive, Mark is …

The Jerry Springer show, lept to Mark offer to be the first zoophile, to speak publicly about his life style. He believed, that any exposure was good exposure. Even if it meant appearing on America’s most notorious confessional talk show.

“I married a horse, today on Spring

So as the audience saw I was coming up, you know and welcome his wife and here comes the pony... I know, eheh! it’s was undefendable, it just went crazy, I was.

Jerry [...] At one point, he says "I think I'm gonna vomit". If I'd been faster on my feet then I would have replied : "hey it’s your show, go ahead !"

Jerry Springer: "This is pretty sick, isn't it ?"

America never got to see Mark: the show was pulled before transmission, judged too controversial, even for Springer.

The program was viewed by a number of management personnel and the people who were in the [mestrican?] control area. I think that the response from some of the people was one of absolute hysteria about the subject matter.

When I watched it, you know, it was just hard to believe, you know, people was “yaahhh” you know, they couldn' believe it, you know.

I feel like this is a subject matter that, really, has no reason to be on television from a personnal stand point. I found the show to be the type of show that, personally, I found the subject matter offensive.

Although the Springer Show was never seen here, in a small Midwestern town where Mark lives, rumeurs and gossips soon spread. I just heard that he's married his horse and ["slip to this" ?] his horse and several animals or whatever. We were told he had sex with his horse and with his donkey.

What they do is her own business, that’s how I look it. 'Cause I'v done bad things befor' in my life too. But now, you know, I've [...] clean. (laughs)

- There’s a lot of mixed comment about it. There was even some that got thrown our way from what we do about certain things to certain animals but there’s two terms there, and we do the other term. - Of mounting ? - of mounting, or stuffing. (laughs)

For most of the world we're a joke, uhmm, you know, we’re jokes you know, barnyard humour, you know, the country hick, you know. We're not even on the radar screen, we're not even in most people's thinking.

- Ho Reddog’s coming up this way - Ho yeah ?

Mark and Tom spent hours each day on the internet, talking to other zoophiles around the world. Every one here, first got in touch with Mark through the Net. The Internet, I think, has been of major importance in the forming of anything that could be described as the zoo community. Before that, contacts with other zoos was extremely difficult. You’re best friend could be [bathing the beef?] on the side, and you’d never know he’s a zoo unless he told you.

No one has a clear idea of how many zoophiles there are. The only published data is by Alfred Kinsey, the american sexologist. His survey in the 1950s, which many now consider unreliable, only looked at bestiality, that is one of acts of sexual contacts with animals. He did not consider zoophilia, which involves a strong lifelong attraction. He reported that perhaps as many as one in three boys in rural areas had sexual experiments with animals.

To find out more, a survey is now being conducted of more than a hundred zoophiles, some of it through the Internet. The project is for the institute for the advanced study of sexuality in San Francisco, one of the world's leading sex research centers.

The people in my study - some of them, not all of them, but some of them - see the relationships with animal as very unique. They really love their animals. Some of them treat their animal as a spouse, as a significant other. When I asked them to list down what is their marital status, I had two or three people put down that they're married to their animal.

One of those who responded to Miletski survey was Mark. His story gives an insight into how and why someone might reject society for the love of an animal.

The first time I even had an inkling of sexual attraction or [...] even animal as a sex object I was sixteen years old. A good friend of my and I had been riding a little pony car around his [...] grandparents' farm. And at the end of the ride, to take proper care [they equipment the pony?] and handed me a brush and comb and told me to wipe the horse [behind ... pressure? ...] toward the back [...] little pony and she had her tail up in the air. And something just went "Ka-Ching!" in my mind. [...] girl pussy, pony pussy... pussy ! I looked around real' quick and... touched it.

Here I was, I've been trying to do all the right stuff, ask girls out to the right movies and of course well they were busy. Maybe try again at [... burger and shake ...] well they were busy but, you know, "ask me again sometime". And "sometime" never came. So, when I actually [...] out and had an intercourse with pony or mare, I didn't feel that I was being weird. I felt that I was being superior. And it sounds horrible, it's a personality flaw and so forth but yeah, I thought I was being superior, I outsmarted the system. But I got even : "with all the girls... who needs'em ?". This worked great. Hell this was so good that sex with a woman probably kill me.

Mark did eventually marry and had two children. He supported his family as an electronics engineer. But his attraction for horses still haunted him. And he found the pressures of family life difficult to deal with. After eight years, the marriage broke up.

She took half, went to another state to get a better job in another state to [applicate its weather?]. I sat down with my prescription drugs and some needles and started to slowly kill myself.

Years later, Mark wrote a book about his experiences, "The Horseman". He describes a night when he booked into a motel room with the intention to kill himself if he could not come to terms with his desires.

(Mark reading his book) Either something made me like this, or I'm just a sick pervert. If it's the first one maybe I can change or if I can't change, maybe I [don't?] want to live with it, live with myself, without soul, without so much guilt. If there is no [reason?], if I'm... merely a piece of twisted sub-human scum, (laughs) then the world, my parents, my children, they're better off without me around them.

After the night in the motel room, Mark decided that his emotional happiness lay with horses. He went to visit horse-trader Francis Turner. Turner sold him his first horse, a young pony mare called "Cherry".

Cherry, [...] Cherry. She saved my life, that little pony saved my life. I would have been dead in another two months.

Mark lived with Cherry for a year and a half.

When I

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