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UK TV Regulators OK Bestiality

LifeSite ^ | May 26, 2005

“A programme about sex with animals? Yes, it’s potentially possible,” said Ofcom deputy chairman, Richard Hooper. “It all comes down to context.” Mr. Hooper may have been thinking of a channel 4 documentary on bestiality, Animal Passions, which was aired last year. According to a Media Guardian article that particular documentary received seventy-five complaints at the time, from viewers who were concerned that it “normalized bestiality”.

Mr. Hooper’s statement serves to confirm what pro-family activists have long prophesied. That is, this new age of sexual libertarianism, which, amongst other things, allows for and normalizes homosexuality, will quickly become an age of ‘no-holds-barred’ in regards to sexual deviation unless a return to a proper understanding of sexuality is initiated.

Indeed, now that the constant depiction and discussion of homosexual behaviour in the mainstream media through such popular sitcoms as Will and Grace, which features a gay character, has served its purpose and garnered a begrudged public tolerance of homosexual behaviour, pro-bestiality advocates are finding the time ripe to open up public discussion of their own particular deviation.

Recent statistics collected in Sweden have already shown that bestiality in the morally lax country is on an increase. It is reasonable to believe that the same holds true for other sexually liberal countries. And with so-called academics such as Princeton professor Peter Singer advocating bestiality, sexual deviants are being granted an ever-increasing intellectual backing for their barbarous lifestyle.

Unless broadcasting regulations are tightened and a cultural return to traditional marriage and the family initiated it is likely that offensive shows such as “Animal Passions” will become an increasingly common phenomenon in the next few years.

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